Ward and Gantt
US and CS Flags
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Bonnie Blue Flag
"We are a band of brothers and native to the soil..."

b.Gwinnett Co. Georgia January 29, 1829
Resident: Buyckville, Coosa Co., Alabama in 1860
Enlisted: Co. C., 53rd Regt. Alabama Partisan Rangers in Buyckville, Alabama on July 29, 1862;
Highest Rank: 2nd Sergeant
Captured: Roll of Prisoners of War: Decatur, Alabama on Nov. 23, 1863; Company Muster Roll: "Captured near Mooresville, Ala. Nov. 19, 1863"
Imprisoned: Rock Island, Illinois Entered: Dec. 9, 1863
Transferred: May 3, 1865
Exchanged: from New Orleans, Louisiana on May 23, 1865
Married: Sarah J(ane) (Buckner) b. Putnam Co., Georgia September 5, 1832
S: George b. Alabama, (age 14 in 1870)
D: Anna b. Alabama, (age 12 in 1870)
S: Miles b. Alabama (age 9 in 1870)
S: WILLIE (William Powell Jr.) b. Alabama November 10, 1862
D: Royce (Roxie?) b. Alabama (age 2 in 1870)

Ward CSA Veteran Marker
b. Columbus, Georgia (possibly in Alabama) 20 August 1838
Resident: Buyckville, Coosa Co., Alabama in 1860
Enlisted: Co. K., 34th Alabama Infantry Regiment at Salem, Alabama on April 15, 1862.
Reenlisted: Co. A., 46th Alabama Infantry Regiment on March 13, 1864.
Highest Rank: Private.
Paroled: Soules Berry, North Carolina on May 1, 1985.
Married: Mary (Elizabeth) (Martin) b. Georgia 1839
D: Mary b. Alabama (age 2 in 1860)
S: John D. b. Alabama (age 20 in 1880)
D: Loucinda b. Alabama (age 16 in 1880)
S: Hopson b. Alabama (age 12 in 1880)
D: JULIA A. b. Alabama (age 10 in 1880)
S: Charles b. Alabama (age 8 in 1880)
S: Edward b. Alabama (age 6 in 1880)
S: William R. b. Alabama (age 4 in 1880)
S: Thomas L. b. Alabama (age 6 months in 1880)

Gantt Headstone

WILLIAM POWELL (W. P. or Willie) WARD JR. b. Alabama 10 November 1862
Married: JULIA ANN GANTT b. Alabama ~1870 (age 40 in 1910)
D: ISOLA JANE b. Wetumka, Alabama (age 14 in 1910)
S: William R. b. Alabama (age 12 in 1910)
D: Mary L. b. Alabama (age 11 in 1910)
S: Thomas N b. Alabama (age 8 in 1910)
D: Salina E. (W.?) b. Louisiana (age 7 in 1910)
D: Julia A. b. Louisiana (age 5 in 1910)
S: Keller b. Louisiana (age 1 in 1910)

W.P. Ward Jr. and Julia A. Gantt Family c. 1897

ISOLA JANE WARD b. ~ 1896 Wetumka, Alabama (age 34 in 1930)
Married: BEN OLIVER GRAY b. ~1894 East Point, Louisiana (age 36 in 1930)
S: John b. and passed prior to 1930
D: Mary Ben b. Louisiana ~1921 (age 9 in 1930)
D: GERALDINE (living)

Married: HARRY MARTIN b. Sep. 1922 Rosslyn, Powell Co., Kentucky
S: John (living)
S: Eric (living)
S: Zachary (living)
D: Candaca (living)
S: Bradley (living)

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